Our Editors

Darren Rogers
Darren has always loved football. He has spent his whole life watching it, reading about it, playing it and of course writing about it. As well as from football he also an avid fan of sports such as rugby, cricket, tennis, basketball and many more. When he isn’t busy bringing you the latest sports news you’re likely to find Darren having a kick around on his local park. Read all of Darren’s Online Casino Archives articles here.


Ben Thomas
Raised close to London’s financial district, Ben has always found the world of business and money fascinating. While completing a degree in business studies Ben started writing for his university newspaper and hasn’t stopped since. Over the last decade Ben has gathered a wealth of experience writing about business and the financial markets and he is pleased to be able to share it with you here. Read all of Ben’s Online Casino Archives articles here.


Rachel Philips
Growing up in a world where the internet was expanding and technology was advancing at a faster rate than ever before has left Rachel with a fascination for all things technological. As well as being a passionate gamer, Rachel loves to keep abreast of all the latest gadgets and technological breakthroughs. Here she’ll keep you up to date with the most recent gaming news as well as much more. Read all of Rachel’s Online Casino Archives articles here.


Gemma Marks
Having written for both her school and university newspaper, Gemma is certainly not new to the world of journalism. A true fan of all things British, she loves to go out and find out what is going on across the UK. Gemma’s writing will keep you up-to-date with all the latest national news. Read all of Gemma’s Online Casino Archives articles here.